About Us

Harsh Gaud

Hi, my name is Harsh Gaud, and I love big screens. I have always loved theatres and large displays where I can watch movies and documentaries and feel so immersed that I feel like I’m a part of it.

This eventually led me to learn more about the Samsung Smart TVs currently dominating the market. I like to review these gorgeous pieces of technology and help people learn their way around the smart TV ecosystem.

Technology keeps changing at a rapid pace, and I like to stay updated with what’s new, and this eventually reflects in the guides that I write on this website.

My ultimate goal for this site is to make it a proper hub for all Samsung Smart TV users where people can find the latest info and guides related to their specific TV models.

What is the SmartTVAssist?

SmartTVAssist.com is a blog crafted with the viewpoint of helping Samsung Smart TV Users. I saw many such users struggling to find solutions even for the smallest things regarding their brand-new Samsung TV. Some even needed help finding the particular option because of the complicated Smart TV UIs.

This website came into being as I faced an issue after purchasing a brand-new Samsung Smart TV for my house. There was hardly any solution online for our problem, which later got fixed although I thought I should fill this information gap, so I started this website.

Seeing the information gaps regarding Smart TV info on the internet pushed us to fill those with our content. I will hopefully try to craft a complete unit capable of satisfying the questions/queries/problems.

I try to deliver the most wholesome information in a format that is easy to consume and remember. My comment section is solely dedicated to the users and their questions, which I will answer by regularly crafting articles around as well as replying to the users.

Well, what are you watching on your big screen today? Let me know that on my email here [email protected]

Happy streaming!