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Samsung Q70A QLED 4K Smart TV Review

Samsung Q70A is one the top Samsung Smart TVs I have ever used. Read the detailed Samsung Q70A review below. The competition among the digital trends has made all the companies work efficiently on their goals. The one and only pioneering brand Samsung has aced this oriented criterion.

The series of QLED TVs it has compiled is just out of the box and serves potential uniqueness. Out of all the series, Samsung Q70A has been casting a great effect on the market. The satiating level of the series will make you save money through its affordable availability and great technological features.

I was driven away by the illuminating concepts incorporated with Samsung’s Q70A. I purchased the 75-inch one and was enthusiastic to try its several features, and I can assure you of the high-level contrast quality and rich colours that the Q70A depicts.

Read the detailed review below to know everything about Q70A:

Quick Information


  • Screen Size: 55”, 65″, 75″, 85″
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Technology & Type: QLED 4K
  • HDR: Quantum HDR 12X
  • Smart TV: Tizen

The Samsung Q70A is a great 4K TV with advanced features, including Quantum Dot technology, 120Hz refresh rate, and Object Tracking Sound. Its sleek design with thin bezels and compatibility with various voice assistants make it a versatile option for any living space.


  • 120Hz refresh rate for smooth and clear motion
  • Object tracking sound
  • Sleek design with thin bezels


  • Limited viewing angles due to the VA panel
  • Limited brightness compared to higher-end QLED models

Samsung Q70A Review – What I Like & What I Don’t Like

The core construction has deep values to win the hearts of gamers. Here, I will review the specific prominence of the Samsung Q70A and how it can be the best option in the market.

Samsung Q70A QLED 4K Panel and Picture Quality

The conventional approach of the TV panel and display works as an effective mode when thinking of digital trends. With the Quantum Processor 4K picture engine, the Quantum Dot mechanism contributes to the contrasting level of the TV and manages the colour system in a great way.

The TV can easily handle the intensified HDR without panicking over the changing matrix of the light over the screen. 

Samsung Q70A QLED 4K Panel and Picture Quality

Samsung Q70A supports HDR technology, including HDR10+ and HLG, which expands the range of brightness and color to create a more realistic and vibrant viewing experience. 

Apart from this, it also has Quantum HDR, Wide Viewing Angle, Supreme UHD Dimming, and Motion Xcelerator Turbo+. In my opinion, this TV offers great picture quality compared to its price.

Samsung Q70A Smart TV Design

The Samsung Q70A comes with its AirSlim design that has a sleek and modern look to complement any home decor. It has a slim profile with narrow bezels that create an immersive viewing experience. The TV is supported by two sturdy and stylish stands, which are placed toward the edges of the screen, creating a more balanced look. 

The back of the TV is also designed to be aesthetically pleasing, with a clean and minimalist look. The TV has a textured finish that adds an element of sophistication and is less prone to fingerprints and smudges.

Samsung Q70A Smart TV Design

One notable design feature of the Q70A is its One Connect Box. It houses all the TV’s ports and cables that create a clean and organized space around the TV. Overall, I loved its sleek construction, I preferred this TV to be wall-mounted for my space.

Samsung Q70A Smart TV Variant

When it comes to the variants of the Samsung Q70A, it is available in a range of sizes from 55″, 65″, 75″ to 85″. However, the viewing experience may differ a bit among all the variants. 

Apart from Q70A TV, you can also find multiple similar TVs in the market. 

If you want to purchase an affordable option, I recommend opting for the Samsung Q60A TV. However, if you’re searching for a Smart TV with enhanced capabilities, then Samsung Q80B is the right option for you.

Samsung Q70A QLED TV Webcam

Let me clear you, the Samsung Q70A does not come with an in-built webcam, but it offers you a feature that allows you to do video conferences by connecting an external webcam; you will have a great experience doing video calls on such a big screen.

Samsung Q70A 4K TV OS and UI

The OS and UI of the Samsung Q70A Smart TV deserve high ratings. This TV runs on the Tizen OS, which is known for its speedy and user-friendly UI. 

Tizen OS allows you effortless navigation through all the available apps and features. One notable aspect of the UI is its high level of customization, offering a diverse selection of themes and layouts.

Samsung Q70A 4K TV OS and UI

Additionally, the TV has built-in voice assistants like Bixby, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa, empowering users to control their TV using voice commands. The responsive UI and voice assistant integration enhance the overall user experience.

Samsung Q70A Smart TV SmartThings

You can access the SmartThings feature on your Samsung Q70A TV. It will allow you to control your TV through your mobile phone. The screen can also be split into two sections to project your phone content over the TV screen. 

You will also get an Ambient Mode through which you can display various visual content, such as photos, artwork, or information, on the screen to match your home decor or create a specific ambience.

I thoroughly enjoyed the SmartThings application and its features, but sometimes I need more response time issues with the App.

Samsung Q70A Smart TV Q70A Audio

If you want the best version of amplifying audio, then Samsung Q70A can be a fair choice for you. The inclusion of the Object Tracking Sound Lite system enables the audio to be extremely clear and precise, along with the movement of the objects on the screen. 

Samsung Q70A has a powerful 2.0 channel speaker system that provides a total output power of 20 watts to deliver clear and immersive audio. It also features Q-Symphony, Active Voice Amplifier, and Dolby Digital Plus, which enhances the sound quality of content played on the TV.

The attached woofers do a great job of enhancing the premium quality of the audio. I tried watching different music videos and films on this TV, and the audio quality has escalated my expectations. Moreover, there are no significant flaws in its audio quality. 

Samsung Q70A Smart TV Box Content

Samsung never compromises in giving well-equipped box content when buying a TV. You will get all the elements with Samsung Q70A TV, which is required to set up the TV. The Box content includes a TV, TV Stands, Power Cable, SolarCell Remote Controller with Batteries, Some Screws, and a User Manual.

Samsung Q70A Smart TV Box Content

Moreover, the remote control of this TV can self-charge as it has a little solar panel over it through which it will get charged itself. 

Samsung Q70A Smart TV Connectivity

Samsung Q70A has a great range of connectivity that makes the TV worth buying. A wide variety of connectivity options involve 4 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, an Ethernet port, Wi-Fi 5, and Bluetooth 4.2. 

Samsung Q70A Smart TV Connectivity

The connectivity measures have been extremely accessible on the TV, so you don’t need any external hub to connect multiple devices. I just loved the connectivity options available on the TV. 

Samsung Q70A QLED 4K Smart TV Offers

The Samsung Q70A Smart TV comes in different screen sizes, so the price also shifts. You can click on the below button to explore the best offers available on Samsung Q70A:

My Final Opinion About Samsung Q70A Smart TV

If buying a Samsung TV has always been on your bucket list, but you don’t want to spend a big amount, then the Samsung Q70A is your best preference. The impressive range of features and advanced characteristics will satiate all your requirements of being digitally thrilled.

In my opinion, this is the best TV that I have bought in this price range, which flares multiple levels of advanced inclusions. It is one of the worthiest decisions you can make!

The above review grasps all the major perspectives of Samsung Q70A to enlighten you about the conquering features. This categorization has helped you thoroughly in determining the aspects of Q70A.

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