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Samsung QN85C Neo QLED 4K Smart TV Review

I purchased a Samsung QN85C 4K TV a year ago just to check it, and today I am sharing my experience with this TV through this detailed Samsung QN85C review. Read the below Samsung QN85C 4K TV review if you are considering purchasing it. I have shared everything you need to know below.

Tech enthusiasts always search for devices that offer an immersive viewing and gaming experience. As a renowned brand, Samsung understands this demand and consistently delivers cutting-edge technological advancements to excel in the ever-evolving market.

Samsung’s latest offering, the Samsung QN85C 4K Smart TV, is highly regarded for its exceptional features. It provides top-notch quality and impressive functionality, ensuring a satisfying user experience. This TV has garnered immense popularity worldwide, with people going crazy for its captivating visuals and realistic display.

Samsung has showcased plenty of deftness through this brand-new model, and the preciseness level of this TV has been stealing the attention. I was driven away by its optimized video quality.

Quick Information


  • Screen Size: 43″, 50″, 55″, 65″, 75″, 85″, 98″
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Technology & Type: QLED 4K
  • HDR: Quantum Neo Quantum HDR
  • Smart TV: Tizen

The Samsung QN85C is an excellent TV with a lot of impressive features. Its sleek and modern design with a thin bezel makes it a great addition to any living room. The TV uses Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology, which delivers an incredibly sharp and vibrant picture with accurate colors.


  • Impressive viewing experience
  • Stunning picture quality
  • Great audio experience


  • Blooming in dark scenes
  • No Dolby Vision

Samsung QN85C Review – What I Like & What I Don’t Like

Firstly, I was unsure about buying it, but I have always wanted an inventive TV for my space. Now, I am exceptionally glad to get this superior TV, and here I will review its befitting features that stole my heart away. All my points will be as a user instead of any biases.

Samsung QN85C Smart TV Panel Picture Quality

The display panel of the Samsung QN85C is superb, as the quality pictures of the model make it stand out from the crowd. 

This TV comes with many picture specifications such as Neural Quantum Processor 4K, Wide Viewing Angle, Optimized Adaptive Picture, Real Depth Enhancer, and Supreme UHD Dimming. It has also been infused with Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ technology which makes the 4K content be portrayed at a 120 Hz refresh rate. 

Samsung QN85C Smart TV Panel Picture Quality

The fast refresh rate makes the picture quality extremely smooth. The Samsung QN85C is also compatible with multiple HDR formats, such as HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG. These formats enable the TV to optimize picture quality on a per-scene basis and provide a more immersive viewing experience.

I have watched several types of videos on this TV and find that it has great potential to satiate the urge for quality visions. 

Samsung QN85C Smart TV Design

The design of the Samsung QN85C TV is exclusively impressive. It features a Neo Slim design that adds a cool and modern touch to your living space. Along with a flat look, the frames have a unique metallic texture. This is something I just adore a lot.

The TV provides a seamless and immersive viewing experience with its slim profile and minimal bezels. Every time I look at the QN85C, I admire its beautiful design, and the craftsmanship that went into creating this TV is truly remarkable. 

Samsung QN85C Smart TV Variant

People have just loved the engrossing elements of the Samsung QN85C. I preferred the 75″ model to be exclusively versatile. But people prefer other variants too. So, this TV also comes in multiple screen sizes such as 55″, 65″, 75″, and 85″.

You can also find many similar options available in the market. If you have a budget and want you to go with a higher model than QN85C, then I suggest you go with the Samsung QN90C, consisting of Dolby Atmos, Quantum HDR+, Q-Symphony, Gaming Hub, and more or you can also go with Class QN90B Samsung Neo QLED 4K TV.

Samsung QN85C Smart TV Webcam & IOT HUB

Samsung QN85C comes with an option to connect an external webcam that will help you to do video conferences on such a big screen. It also has a built-in IOT hub to control all the other Samsung devices at your home with the TV remote and voice command.

This feature is very exciting as I can switch on the lights and control the curtains through my Samsung Smart TV.

Samsung QN85C 4K Smart TV OS & UI

The Samsung QN85C Smart TV comes with Tizen OS that has a fantastic user interface. Being fast and responsive, the Tizen OS makes it easy to navigate through all the apps and features available on the TV.

Samsung QN85C 4K Smart TV OS & UI

One great thing about the UI is that you can customize it with different themes and layouts to suit your preferences. The TV has built-in voice assistants like Bixby, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. Responsive UI and voice assistant integration improve the overall user experience.

Samsung QN85C Smart TV SmartThings

Samsung QN85C comes with the SmartThings feature that will help you access other electronic devices with your TV. Working has also become extremely easy with SmartThings as you can easily project your smartphone over the screen that can be split into two halves.

I also loved the Ambient Mode, where the TV will become a beautifully sleek frame where you can ppt any photograph you choose. 

Samsung QN85C Smart TV Audio

The audio quality of Samsung QN85C is very mindful and curated with the advanced technological procedure. The Samsung QN85C comes with 2.2.2 CH speakers, which offer 60-Watt sound output.

Apart from this, you will also get audio features such as Object Tracking Sound System, Q Symphony, Adaptive Sound+, and Active Voice Amplifier. I like the audio quality of this TV, and if you are also an audio lover, this is one of the best options at this price point.

Samsung QN85C Smart TV Box Content

Samsung always becomes determined to curate all the necessary elements to satisfy the audience’s needs. 

Samsung QN85C remote

The Samsung QN85C has a massive box comprising various contents like screws, cable, remote control with batteries, TV stand, user manual, and a TV itself. The most unique part of the remote control is it can recharge itself. With the help of RF harvesting, it smoothly charges itself enabling wireless signals.

Samsung QN85C 4K TV Connectivity

The Samsung QN85C has all the necessary connectivity options. It comes with Bluetooth 5.2, 2 USB ports, Wi-Fi 5 and 4 HDMI, and an Ethernet port. I like the connectivity options available with the TV, as it allows me to connect multiple external devices without any USB hub.

Samsung QN85C 4K TV Connectivity

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you can connect your console to the TV and enjoy gaming seamlessly. 

Samsung QN85C Smart TV Offers

You can purchase Samsung QN85C Smart TV from any shopping website or offline shopping store, but if you want to purchase at the best rate, then click on the button below:

My Final Opinion About Samsung QN85C Smart TV

You can experience the most realistic image and picture quality when binge-watching any movie or TV show or grooving through some games. One of the eminent features of this TV is its pairing of Quantum dot technology, Quantum Matrix Mini LEDs, and HDR processing, elevating the viewing vibes with crystal-clear portrayals.

This defined element makes the scenes illuminate their true color and depict the real version.

In my opinion, this is a great TV that anyone can rely upon. The price range may be an obstacle for you, but your one-time investment should have some worth. If you want your home to be highly accessible with digital trends, then this Samsung QN85C is what you desire.

The potential of the TV is extremely strong, and all the components have been categorized extensively.

I hope this Samsung QN85C review helped you.

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