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Samsung QN90C Neo QLED 4K Smart TV Review

Thinking to purchase Samsung QN90C Neo QLED 4K Smart TV? If yes, then this review is for you. Below, I have shared a comprehensive hands-on review of the Samsung QN90C Smart TV. I have used this Samsung QN90C TV for about 45 days, then sharing my experience with this TV in the below review.

Samsung has tailored its adroit values over the technological era. The precision of top-notch digitalization and artful creativity of Samsung always evolves to set the trend and drags the attention of techno enthusiasts.

Samsung has come up with its nifty variation of TV in the form of the Class Neo QLED 4K series. The QN90C is just out of the ordinary and serves delusional picture quality. The features and built-in quality of the TV infuse all the lavish characteristics to make you enjoy its worth.

After Samsung featured QN90C, I was extremely excited to get this for myself and give you a hand on review. I must say, my decision was worth the price, as the competent feature of the TV delivers all the accomplished effects that I wanted as a viewer and a gaming enthusiast.

When watching TV, the experience will exceed expectations as the realistic picture portrayal will double up the fun of any movie, show, or series.

The amalgamation of Quantum Matrix Mini LEDs, HDR+ processing, and Quantum Dot makes the processing quality exclusively genius. The precise illumination of the scenes will make you go crazy over this enduring TV.

Quick Information – QN65QN90CAFXZA


  • Screen Size: 42″, 50″, 55″, 65″, 75″, 85″ and 98″
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Technology & Type: Neo QLED 4K
  • HDR: Neo Quantum HDR+
  • Smart TV: Tizen

The Samsung QN90C is a premium 4K QLED TV with advanced features, exceptional picture quality, and a sleek design. It features Samsung’s Neo Quantum Processor 4K, Full Array Local Dimming, and Quantum HDR 32X, providing a stunning and immersive viewing experience.


  • Incredibly sharp and vivid picture quality
  • Immersive audio experience
  • Anti-glare technology


  • No Dolby Vision support

Samsung QN90C Review – What I Like & What I Don’t Like

As a fetching TV user, I would like to segment the qualities in this Samsung QN90C TV review in a detailed manner. Through individual detailing about all the elements, you will understand the competent measures of the Samsung QN90C 4K TV.

Samsung QN90C Smart TV Panel and Picture Quality

Samsung QN90C has many lucrative features, but the quality of its panel remains at its peak. Initially, I was not sure about the quality as the panel was comparatively very thin, but once I started using it, the picture quality impressed me.

It comprises Quantum Matrix along with MINI LEDs where there are no chances of hindering images. Even the viewers can enjoy the smallest dot over the scene thoroughly.

Samsung QN90C also has a 120Hz refresh rate along with Motion Xcelerator Turbo+, which reduces motion blur and makes it ideal for fast-paced content like sports and action movies. Additionally, the display is HDR10+ certified, meaning it can display a wider range of brightness levels and colors, resulting in a more immersive viewing experience.

Apart from this, it has a Neural Quantum Processor 4K, Ultra Viewing Angle, Neo Quantum HDR+, Real Depth Contrast Enhancer, and Ultimate UHD Dimming. I personally loved the crystal-clear images that made the scenes more enriching.

Samsung QN90C Smart TV Design

The superior design of the Samsung QN90C gives an illusion of a classy frame and is extremely thin, which makes it a preferred TV for any space. It has a non-existent bezel with a compact size of around 0.9 mm.

The speakers are not visible from the front side as the grilles are compiled within the right and left edges of the TV. Moreover, the TV stand remains exclusively centered, flat, and slim, making the attachment easier and more convincing. The inclusion of woofers behind makes the panel look classier and more versed.

Samsung QN90C 4K Smart TV Variants

The Samsung QN90C Smart TV is available in various screen sizes, ranging from 43″, 50″, 55″, 65″, 75″ and 85″, giving consumers a wide range of options based on their individual needs and preferences.

The successful amalgamation of hardware and software of the Samsung QN90C TV is the main reason to go for this TV.

If you ask me about the cheaper alternative to this Samsung TV, then I suggest you go with Samsung QN90B TV, and if you are looking for Smart TV with more features, then you can go with Samsung QN800B 8K Smart TV, Samsung QN800C 8K Smart TV, Samsung QN900B 8K Smart TV, and Samsung QN900C 8K Smart TV.

Samsung QN90C Neo QLED Smart TV Webcam & IOT Hub

With the rapid growth of digital features, Samsung has introduced an accomplished level of futuristic trends in the QN90C Smart TV. The TV has an in-built IoT Hub, which allows you to control your other devices with the TV. I have connected all my gadgets and devices to the TV and can easily control them.

Along with this, the TV also comes with a webcam feature in which you can easily do video conferences by connecting a webcam with the TV. I tried doing a video meeting with my team through the cam, and it was a great experience for me on a big screen.

Samsung QN90C Smart TV OS and UI

Samsung QN90C Smart TV OS and UI

The Samsung QN90C Smart TV runs on Samsung’s Tizen operating system that is specifically designed to give a great user experience. Tizen is known for its fast and smooth performance as it offers you an intuitive UI that is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. The UI of the QN90C Smart TV features a customizable home screen, where you can add your favorite apps, channels, and content sources for easy access.

Samsung QN90C also comes with the Smart Hub that allows you to easily access multiple apps, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Facebook, and Twitter. I personally love the fast OS and the responsive UI, as I can access any app with no complexities.

Samsung QN90C 4K Smart TV SmartThings

The diverse range of home applications and devices has been growing rapidly, and we require connecting them efficiently for easy access. With the arrival of the Samsung QN90C, including SmartThings has become exceptionally enriching. It comprises C2C connectivity, Zigbee technology, and wireless channelization.

Through one click on your TV, you can adjust different appliances present in your home. Before, it was required to set up an individual device to network it as the bridge for the following appliances, but with QN90C, you can easily destroy this inconvenience.

Your screen will act as the incorporated hub, which will be fully integrated to control all types of smart devices. Moreover, the SmartThings feature of the Samsung QN90C makes the navigation facilities more equipped and easier.

I was totally shocked to see the digital specification of the TV, which is extensively better than other models. Now, working has become much more entertaining with this great TV.

Samsung QN90C Smart TV Audio

I can assure you that with the first scene on the TV, you will feel that depiction is happening around you with its 60 watts powerful speakers. The mind-blowing sound quality of the Samsung QN90C will make you grip the scenes like never before.

The intensifying sound experience with the 4.2.2CH speaker type makes your content feel more realistic.

If I talk about the audio feature of the Samsung QN90C, it comes with Object Tracking Sound+, in which the audio is captured efficiently while any object is moving over the screen. Apart from OTS+, it also has Q-Symphony, Active Voice Amplifier, Dual Audio support, and Adaptive Sound+.

As per my experience with its audio, you can thoroughly listen to the authenticity of every dialogue that makes your space feel like a theater.

Samsung QN90C Neo QLED Smart TV Connectivity

Samsung QN90C Neo QLED Smart TV Connectivity Options

The connectivity of the Samsung QN90C is great, as it comes with multiple connectivity options. It comprises Bluetooth 5.2, 2 USB ports, 4 HDMI ports, WiFi 6, and an Ethernet port. The channelizing facilities are easy and have a high potential for beginners.

Groove within the music or enjoy your favorite shows with minimal connection functionalities.

Samsung QN90C Smart TV Box Content

Samsung QN90C Smart TV Box Content

Talking about the box content, with Samsung QN90C Smart TV, I got a remote control with batteries, a user manual, and a stand with some screws in the TV box.

There is no need to infuse multiple cables as this TV can be set up through a single wire. This TV is applicable for wall mount, and I personally preferred to keep it as a table mount.

Samsung QN90C 4K Smart TV Offers

Talking about the diversifying offers and price range of the Samsung QN90C, many people think that it’s a bit costly. But, after acquiring its determined and futuristic elements, I would suggest that it totally values the worth of your investment. Click on the below button to check price:

Check Price on Amazon

My Final Opinion About Class QN90C Samsung Neo QLED 4K Smart TV

If you want to upscale your viewing time, then Samsung QN90C is the best option you can go with. The premium benefits and befitting strategies make it worthy from every angle. Moreover, With the TV, you can access the enhanced form of your digital home.

It enables precise pictures and quality screening along with highly defined audio. So, make your investment last for a long time within this appealing series.

I hope this detailed review of the Samsung QN90C has cleared your doubts. The featured elements have been clearly detailed in the above sections.

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