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What Channel is Fox on Samsung TV?

Samsung TV comes with vast streaming services where users can experience exciting content. This time Samsung TV+ brings free streaming services for Samsung TV users. You can access these free contents on your laptops, tablets, and smartphones. As a user, it’s important to know the channel numbers to stream a particular channel. Most users wonder what channel Fox is on their Samsung TV. So, this article is for all those users. Let’s get in-depth information about this.

What You Must Know About the Fox Channel?

Fox is an American television network with several prominent channels in the United States. Fox channels include anything from politics and sports to comedy, wild nature, and entertainment. Since 1986, the network has led the field of commercial broadcasts and is committed to providing listeners with honest and reliable information.

Fox is a renowned network among Americans. It believes in realistic thinking, integrity, consistency, and the accuracy of information. If you want to view Fox on Smart TV, you should first figure out what channel Fox is on Samsung TV. Let’s go through the answer again.

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Important Things You Must Know About the Fox LiveNOW & FOX SOUL

So, FOX Broadcasting has 245 channels, but among all, only 18 channels are owned & other 227 channels are affiliated with other providers. “LiveNOW from FOX” and FOX SOUL” are only for Samsung TVs.

What Channel Number is FOX on Samsung TV?

Channel NameChannel Number
LiveNOW from FOX1006

LiveNOW from FOX

FOX has multiple TV channels; however, “LiveNOW from FOX is the live-streaming news channel. This channel streams 24-hour breaking news, stories worldwide, live events, and more. Here you can get updates with breaking news without any interruptions. If you own a Samsung TV at home, you can stream this channel at the 1006 channel number. Now you can get updated with all the US breaking news from channel number 1006 on your Samsung TV.


This channel was launched on 13th January 2000 by FOX Soult. This digital streaming and TV network service features original & syndicated programs, especially for African Americans. Recently it has been streamed on Samsung TV from 6 PM to 10 PM. This channel is available in 1004 on your Samsung Smart TV. You can enjoy some exciting programs on this FOX Soul channel, which are mentioned below.

  1. The Book of Sean — Dr. Sean McMillan
  2. The Tammi Mac Late Show – Tammi Mac hosts the show
  3. Turnt Out With Ts Madison Hosted by Ts Madison
  4. Choppin’ It Up with Mike and Donny — Hosts: Donny Harrell & Mike Hill
  5. Fox Soul’s Screening Room — Hosted by Vivica A. Fox
  6. Out Loud with Claudia Jordan —Claudia Jordan hosted the show
  7. Tea-G-I-F – Hosted by Funky Dineva, Claudia Jordan, and Al Reynolds
  8. Fox Soul’s Black Report
  9. Fox Soul Deals
  10. Cocktails With Queens – Hosted by Claudia Jordan, LisaRaye, Syleena Johnson, Vivica A. Fox,
  11. Chatter
  12. Kingz With Kosine
  13. The Mix
  14. Hollywood Unlocked With Jason Lee Uncensored
  15. Worth A Conversation with Jay “Jeezy” Jenkins — Jeezy Hosts the show
  16. Quarantine Cook-Off with Rickey Smiley — Rickey Smiley hosts the show
  17. Established with Angela Yee —Angela Yee hosts the show
  18. Get Into It With Tami Roman By Tami Roman

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How to Watch “LiveNOW from FOX” & “Fox Soul” on Samsung TV?

Fox Soul & LiveNOW have been added to the channel menu on Samsung TV. We can see these channels on our television. If these networks are not installed on your Samsung television, you must manually set them up. The guidelines below will assist you in doing it correctly and effectively. Let’s see what happens!

  1. Connect a power cord to a power switch.
  2. To pair your Samsung Smart TV, have an internet connection.
  3. Press the ‘Smart Hub’ or ‘Home’ Button on your TV remote.
  4. Your TV will display a plethora of stations.
  5. Select the ‘Applications’ tab. Find and write “LiveNOW via Fox or Fox Now” and “FOX Soul” one at a time.
  6. Click on those channels and then click “Install Now.”
  7. After you have installed these channels, you can access them.
  8. Log in with the correct credentials and receive a code for activation to use the next time.
  9. Once the activation procedure is complete, you may easily begin accessing these channels.


After going through the above information, you now know how to access LiveNOW & FOX Soul from the FOX network. No doubt, Samsung is a brilliant TV channel for all individuals seeking entertainment. This TV channel comes with updated news, TV Shows, movies, and Live TV Channels. If you love to watch the FOX network channel, you can follow the above-discussed guide for access. 

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