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Samsung QN800C Neo QLED 8K Smart TV Review

You must read my review of the SAMSUNG QN800C TV, if you are thinking of purchasing Samsung QN800C 8K Smart TV, I have used this TV for about 4 months and shared my real-life experience with this TV in this detailed Samsung QN800C review.

Samsung is still upgrading its versatile aura within the digital world and broadening its brand values with the enhancing approach of QLED TVs. Everyone wants their view time to be of extremely quality enriched.

This perspective has made consumers choose a worthy TV that always blends superiority and excellence. Samsung has understood this endearing zeal, and its QN800C Smart TV has been leveling up its kingly dominance over the trending market.

I bought the 75-inch Samsung QN800C to compare it with the other Samsung series. I am highly impressed by the features of the TV. With few dimming zones, you can get fully optimized brightness control on this TV.

Quick Information


  • Screen Size: 65″, 75″, 85″
  • Resolution: 8K
  • Technology & Type: Neo QLED 8K
  • HDR: Neo Quantum HDR 8K+
  • Smart TV: Tizen

The Samsung QN800C is a high-end 8K TV with many impressive features. Overall, the QN800C delivers excellent picture quality with accurate colors, deep blacks, and great contrast. Here are some pros and cons of the Samsung QN800C.


  • Excellent picture quality
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Multiple gaming features


  • Little bit expensive

Samsung QN800C Review – What I Like & What I Don’t Like

The rooting strength of Samsung will showcase the prominence and give a blissful chant to your surroundings. Here I will review the certified features of Samsung QN800C and how it is uniquely defined in the market.

Samsung QN800C Smart TV Panel and Picture Quality

I am enthusiastic about sharing the diversifying feature of the Samsung QN800C bright panel, which comprises several features to satisfy your urge to experience the best visuals.

The highly equipped panel will make you unwind the virtual world into reality, and you will sense the visuals deeply. With the great support of VRR and ALLM, along with 8K/120 Hz illustrations, it is the best choice for gamers.

Samsung QN800C Smart TV Panel and Picture Quality

Thanks to it’s 7,680 x 4,320 video resolution, even the smallest object will have the perfect contrast quality. With its Neural Quantum Processor 8K, I enjoyed the scenes with perfect deep blacks along with highlights.

Samsung QN800C uses a direct-lit LED backlight system with Full Array Local Dimming. This helps provide illumination across the screen and deep black levels for excellent contrast and a more immersive viewing experience.

Apart from this, the TV has multiple other premium features such as Ultra Viewing Angle, Quantum Matrix Technology Pro, Ultimate 8K Dimming Pro, Real Depth Contrast Enhancer Pro, and Motion Xcelerator Turbo+, Neo Quantum HDR 8K Plus, and HDR10+.

I personally also like its Anti-glare feature, where the technology of ultra-viewing experience made our watch time worthwhile. From any angle, you can get the detailing of 8K pictures. 

Samsung QN800C Smart TV Design

Samsung QN800C TV has come up with Infinity One Design, attracting users to buy the TV. With its slim bezels and Slim OC stand, the TV has a sleek and sophisticated look that will complement any living room or entertainment area.

Whether you are streaming your favorite shows, watching movies, or playing games, the Samsung QN800C Smart TV design enhances your experience.

Samsung QN800C 8K TV Variant

The exceptional qualities of Samsung QN800C are pumped up with numerous values. I personally loved the QN800C TV and its impeccable core functionalities. But, still, if you want to gain insight into the variations of this TV, the TV comes in three different sizes such as 65”, 75”, and 85”.

You can choose any of these according to your usage. If you want to set it in your living room, then 65” is enough for you. If you want to use this TV as a home theatre, I suggest you go with 75” and 85”.

If you ask me about the inexpensive alternative of the Samsung QN800C 8K TV, then I suggest you go with QN800B Samsung Neo QLED 8K Smart TV.

And if you are looking for an upgraded model, you can go with Class QN900B Samsung Neo QLED 8K Smart TV and Class QN900C Samsung Neo QLED 8K Smart TV.

Samsung QN800C 8K Smart TV Webcam and IOT Hub

I must tell you the webcam facilities integrated into Samsung QN800C have been stealing the attention as doing video conferencing on a big screen gives you a whole new experience.

You can easily connect the webcam to the TV and connect with your friends and colleagues. I also loved the feature of a built-in IoT hub through which I can control all my other Samsung devices at home.

Samsung QN800C Smart TV OS & UI

Let’s talk about its OS and UI. The Samsung QN800C Smart TV comes with its Tizen OS, famous for its fast and intuitive UI. With Tizen OS, you can easily navigate through various apps and features. I like the user interface as it is highly customizable and comes with various themes and layouts.

Samsung QN800C Smart TV OS & UI

Apart from the responsive UI, you will get built-in voice assistants like Bixby and Amazon Alexa that gives you the ability to control your TV with your voice.

Samsung QN800C Neo QLED 8K TV SmartThings

One of the main features of the Samsung QN800C is it has a SmartThings application. The Samsung Wireless Dex allows your TV to be accessed wirelessly.

With SmartThings, you can easily connect and control other compatible devices such as smart lights, smart plugs, washing machines, etc. I did cast my phone screen on the QN800C TV, where working became easy and highly accessible for me.

It also has an Ambient Mode through which you can make your TV like a frame. I have easily displayed images, artwork, and photos that enhance my home’s décor.

Samsung QN800C Smart TV Audio

The great inclusion of Dolby Atmos has the befitting sense of tracking the sounds more accurately in the Samsung QN800C TV. You can listen to the sea waves and sirens as if the scenario has occurred in your yard.

Samsung QN800C Smart TV has a powerful 4.2.2 channel speaker system that provides a total output of 70 watts and helps deliver clear, immersive, and powerful audio.

Samsung QN800C Smart TV Audio

With the help of its Object Tracking Sound system, the actions will be tracked from the entire corner and deliver the most insightful details. Apart from OTS+, it also has Q-Symphony, Active Voice Amplifier, and Adaptive Sound Pro. 

I must say that with its premium sound quality, my space became perfectly ready for a theatre-like experience. 

Samsung QN800C Neo QLED 8K Box Content

There is no chance of getting sad about any extra purchase for the connectivity process. Samsung QN800C is available with a potential box content where all the elements will be present.

You will get a TV, its stand and screws, a connect box, a user manual, and a remote controller with batteries. 

Samsung QN800C 8K TV Connectivity

The connectivity function of the Samsung QN800C is extremely easy and accessible for beginners. I bought this TV and was confused about the potential connectivity measures, but the included elements just astonished me.

Samsung QN800C 8K TV Connectivity

I connected the needed devices through its available 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, Bluetooth 5.2, WiFi 6, and an Ethernet port. 

Samsung QN800C 8K TV Offers

Most people go gaga over the precision level of quality enriched TVs, but they don’t think it’s worthwhile due to the high pricing. Let’s check out the pricing and offers of the Samsung QN800C.

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My Final Opinion about Samsung QN800C Smart TV

The diversifying authenticity of QN800C has been evolving to be the talk of the town. Its quality features have been acing the field to be more convenient for every user. The 8K supremacy of this TV is highly consistent and undefeated.

In my opinion, the exceptional inclusion of QN800C has been becoming magnanimous with the advanced technologies of Samsung. If precision and accuracy are what you desire from your visuals, then this TV will be the perfect choice for you.

The above-listed features of QN800C must have included the satiating elements in your mind. Moreover, Samsung QN800C has been amplifying the kingly supremacy of Samsung in the technological era.

If this review has enriched your knowledge about TV, make sure to share it with your friends to make them know about this unstoppable initiation of Samsung. 

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