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Samsung Q60B QLED 4K Smart TV Review

I am among the first few buyers of the Samsung Q60B Smart TV, and now after using this TV for a few months, I am sharing my experience with the TV in this Samsung Q60B review. Read the below article carefully to make an informed decision.

With the broad implementation of modern and digital specifications, people are willing to make their space more advanced and superior with befitting gadgets. So, smart devices have been rising in demand in this trending period.

Looking at this convenient phase of living, Samsung has come up with its innovations of QLED TVs, and we all know that Samsung is the pioneering brand in making intuitive TV ranges. But, QLED TVs are comparatively more expensive than other variants.

But Samsung is the appealing master, giving rise to the well-versed standard TV known as Samsung Q60B Smart TV.

I have a notion that a product approaches good quality when its costs more. But, when I bought this TV for my space, I wondered if I could prove myself wrong. The Samsung Q60B amalgamates LEDs, and quantum dots features to elevate the serenity of contrast and color of the picture. I used this TV for more than 50 days.

Samsung Q60B Smart TV Processor

Starting from its panel quality to its theatre-like modes, everything works great for me. As I have tried this TV for a long time, I would like to give you a segmented Samsung q60b review in a detailed way.

Let us get into the smart world of Samsung Q60B, read the complete Samsung q60b review

Quick Information – QN43Q60BAFXZA


  • Screen Size: 43″, 50″, 55″, 60″, 65″, 70″, 75″, 85″
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Technology & Type: QLED 4K
  • HDR: Quantum HDR
  • Smart TV: Tizen

The Samsung QLED Q60B is a 4K smart TV. It uses Quantum Dot technology to deliver vibrant and lifelike colors. The TV also features a sleek modern design with a thin bezel and minimalist stand.


  • User-friendly smart features
  • Wide viewing angles for off-center positions
  • Excellent picture quality with vibrant colors


  • No Dolby Vision support
  • No support for HDMI 2.1

Samsung Q60B Review – What I Like & What I Don’t Like

Samsung Q60B Smart TV Panel and Picture Quality

Samsung Q60B Smart TV Panel and Picture Quality

The display panel of Samsung Q60B has many great specifications to elevate the interest of consumers. The Q60B TV comes with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160. The finest picture quality of the TV delivers dramatic shifts of colors when you turn on the HDR mode from SDR.

Let me tell you one thing, the Samsung Q60B is one of the affordable models that comes with Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology. This feature helps the TV to produce pure colors. With a peak brightness level of 500 nits, the potential richness of the shades will be extremely clear.

Although the Q60B may not have the same level of brightness as compared to Samsung Q70A Smart TV, it still provides sufficient brightness for consistent daytime viewing.

The color saturation elements of the TV are mixed with tonal shifts and blend to give you astounding picture quality, thanks to its Quantum Processor Lite 4K. I can assure you that the picture will speak to the reality of this Samsung Q60B.

Despite having multiple features like Quantum HDR, HDR10+, Supreme UHD Dimming, Motion Xcelerator, and Dual LED Contrast, still I feel the absence of Dolby Vision. Also, remember that if you want to buy a TV for gaming purposes, this TV is not a good option for you as it comes with a refresh rate of 60Hz. 

Samsung Q60B Smart TV Design

Samsung Q60B Smart TV Design

When I first had a look at the design of the Samsung Q60B Smart TV, I loved the design as it was beyond the level of its price value. All because of its dauntless structure and Air Slim features.

The frame surrounding the screen remains extremely trimmed, which gives an illusion of no boundaries. You can also adjust the appealing width of the feet as per your needs and preferences.

The design of the Samsung Q60B is highly tailored to make your living space more appealing and high-lightened with glory. The sleek design of the TV makes it blend effectively into the room, one of the greatest things I loved about the design. 

Samsung Q60B 4K Smart TV Variant

The smart and inclusive elements of Samsung Q60B have dragged customers’ attention from around the globe. This TV comes in multiple screen sizes ranging from 43″, 50″, 55″, 60″, 65″, 70″, 75″, to 85″. You can purchase it according to your needs.

If you ask me about an excellent alternative to this TV, then for those who have a budget, I suggest going with the Samsung Q70A Smart TV – comprising 4K UHD Quantum HDR and you can also consider Samsung QLED 4K Smart TV Q80B.

Samsung Q60B Smart TV Webcam & IoT Hub

There are different extremely smart features in the Samsung Q60B, like a faster processor, health portals, and more. But the claiming potential arrives through its Webcam and IoT Hub. You can access the big screen’s video calling feature by connecting the USB camera to your TV. 

Through the IOT Hub, I could easily control my smart home devices through the TV. I have used this technique over several smart Samsung appliances available at my home, and the IoT Hub makes the connection very quick and seamless.

Samsung Q60B 4K TV OS and UI

Sometimes we get confused in searching for various applications on a TV, making us feel inconvenienced. But the Samsung QLED Q60B has been compiled as a Smart TV, which includes numerous applications just on the home page.

You can access multiple apps once you connect them to the Internet. The Tizen OS works well for me, as I like the new interface of the OS.

Samsung Q60B 4K TV OS and UI

There are also in-built voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa, and Bixby. The TV has extremely valuable UI potential, representing modernism with great accessibility.

Moreover, the UI of the Q60B has been designed to give a great user experience that I love. It was not complicated at all to surf through various content available on the TV.

Samsung Q60B Smart TV SmartThings

This digitally-versed globe always demands specific features to uplift the craze of innovations. The Samsung Q60B comes with its SmartThings feature. This feature lets you easily access your TV with your mobile phone.

Samsung Q60B Smart TV SmartThings

With the appealing standards of Samsung Wireless Dex, you can enjoy a seamless connection between your smartphone and TV. The conquering facility allows you to split your TV screen and project anything simultaneously. But personally, I face some connectivity issues with SmartThings.

Samsung Q60B 4K TV Audio

Samsung Q60B has been enhanced with bountiful audio quality consisting of OTS Lite processing to enable positional audio. The ecstatic technological advancement makes the audio system of the TV gain Adaptive Sound.

It is also equipped with Q-Symphony that supports Samsung soundbars. Samsung Q60B TV has a built-in 2.1 channel speaker system, which provides a total output power of 20 watts, delivering clear and powerful audio.

The seamless audio capabilities will understand the range of frequencies and accordingly feature the right track. I assure you that you will never hear any buzzes, crackles, or haziness during any scene. It also has been developed with an Object Tracking Sound system where the audio will move as per the objects over the screen.

I use this TV in my bedroom, and 20-watt speakers are enough for me, but you need to consider the audio output according to your usage.

Samsung Q60B Smart TV Box Content

Samsung will never miss a chance to make you run out of any specific component to use its TV. Its box content comprises many significant elements. You will get the Samsung TV, user manual, remote control, two stands, and Samsung Smart Control when you buy this TV.

Moreover, the remote control has a solar panel on the back, and it charges itself when kept in the sun. So, no need to worry about batteries.

Samsung Q60B Smart TV Connectivity

Samsung Q60B has an insightful built-in hub through which the connectivity performance will be effortless and hassle-free. This TV comes with multiple connections such as Bluetooth connection, WiFi, HDMI ports, Ethernet port, and more.

Samsung Q60B Smart TV Connectivity

I loved the connectivity available with this TV as I don’t need any external device for any connection.

Samsung Q60B Smart TV Offers

Samsung Q60B Smart TV is available in different sizes, and the price range is also different. You can click on the below button to check the pricing of different Samsung Q60B TV variations. 

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My Final Opinion About Samsung Q60B 4K Smart TV

When preferring a budget-friendly TV, Samsung Q60B will be the best option you could ever imagine. The picture quality of the TV remains exceptionally outstanding, and the beauty of filmmaking can be sensed through this TV. Apart from the picture quality, every TV aspect has been infused dedicatedly to match the digital pace of the world. 

Samsung Q60B TV

At this price point, I genuinely loved the TV’s prominent visual quality and superb audio quality. If you are planning to go for an affordable one, this time, Samsung Q60B can be your best choice!

I have reviewed all the elements thoroughly in the upper section and gave my genuine Samsung q60b review. This broad categorization will help you in achieving the latest perspective of Samsung. 

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